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Project: Alexandria Renew Enterprises State-of-the-Art Nutrient Upgrade
Product: Pre-Cast Post Tensioned Concrete Structure 
Manufacturer: Dutchland, Inc.  
Capacity: 18 MG rectangular CSO tank
Structure Footprint: 415-ft long by 256-ft wide
On-site Project Duration: 10 months
Total Precast Concrete Pieces: 1,733

Description: As part of Alexandria Renew’s State-of-the-Art Nutrient Upgrade (SANUP) initiative, Dutchland, Inc. constructed an 18 million gallon precast post-tensioned concrete tank. The tank consists of three levels with a building integrated into the tank structure. The main levels include a central pipe gallery buried 50-ft deep, twelve wet wells buried 47-ft deep, and the main tank structure buried 37-ft deep, with 12-ft above ground. The tank rests on 1,800 14-inch prestressed concrete piles that are used for both compression and tension and are attached to the base slab with strand. The tank will be covered with a flat precast roof topped with granular fill and a synthetic playing surface to accommodate regulation soccer and lacrosse fields. When completed, the Nutrient Management Facility will allow Alexandria Renew to process 13 billion gallons of wastewater each year.