Manufacturer's Representation of Premium Water and Wastewater Equipment

Sulzer - ABS Pumps & Mixers
Pumps: Drypit sub, submersible, grinder, solids flow, and S.S. pumps. Utilizing the proven Contra-Block technology to prevent clogging.
Mixers: Sub mixing including flow booster, low speed, compact, and self-aspirating aerators.
Chesapeake Environmental Equipment Featured Products
**Please note, not all equipment lines are represented in all locations.  Please call with any questions, we're happy to be of service!**
Biorem Odor Control
Specializing in Odor, VOC, and hazardous air removal systems for treatment plants & pump stations. BioRem offers biofilter systems for permanent media, as well as the Biocube and biotrickling filters.

Dutchland Tanks Inc.
Specializing in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction of high quality precast post-tensioned concrete tank for water and wastewater storage

Specializing in complete treatment systems including suspended Aeration Systems. 
Pump Station Bar Screens with vertical orientation capability, Multiple Rake Bar Screen, Drum Screens, Grit Classifiers, Washer Compactors, Spiral and Trash Screens. 

Glasco UV 
Glasco systems are utilized in a variety of applications including disinfection, TOC reduction, Ozone destruction, liquid sugar, chlorine destruction and chloramine destruction.

Excel Fluid Group 
Providing innovative packaged pump and booster station.  Stations are custom designed with controls along with basin materials options including HDPE, FRP or Pre-Cast Concrete.

Glass Steel, Inc.
Offering FRP products including: Clarifier troughs, baffle walls, weir plates, walkable launder covers, stop logs, stamford & scum baffles, ladders, parshall flumes, walkway and handrail systems.
Mass Transfer Systems
Jet Aeration, Jet Mixing, Submersible Aeration, Floating Effluent Decanters, Radial Pod Aerators, Liquid Recirculation Pumps.
Standard Solar
The leading solar developer with over 1,500 installation. Their full service support includes: financial analysis, design, engineering, installation, financing, operation and maintenance. Ask about floating solar.
Wastewater Technologies 
Packaged Treatment Facilities including: MBR with plate/hollow fiber membranes, Biorotor™, BiorotorMBR™, BioDISC™ and Filtration Systems.  
Light House Filters
Specializing in water filtration systems for
primary, secondary and tertiary systems.
Product offerings include Plate Clarifiers
and Volcano Sand Filters.
De Nora - Calgon Carbon - UV 
Specializing in the UV disinfection in water and waste water with 25+ years of experience.  Calgon's UV Systems are highly efficient and offerings include in-line & open channel systems.  
Envirodyne Systems Inc. 
Clarifiers, Gravity Thickeners, Hercules ™ Drive Units, Flocuculators,Brush/Disc Rotor Oxidation Ditches, Algae Cleaning System, Grit Systems, Anaerobic & Aerobic Digester Covers.
Continental Carbon Group
Specializing in Carbon Based Odor Control, Air and Water Filtration Systems. Very reliable and effective way of treating odorous compounds. Owner of Calgon Carbons Odor Control Division.  
Vent-O-Mat / RF Valves
Effective air release vacuum protection & surge alleviation for water & wastewater industries. Cutting edge air release valves outperforms competitors.
Pro Water Systems 
Specializing in customized wastewater treatment systems. Containerized Models with flow capacities between 3,000 gpd to 100,000 gpd. Field Installed systems up to 0.5 MGD.
IEC, Inc.
Cover and liner systems including: Clarifier Launder Covers, Gas Storage Systems, Clarifier Covers, Odor Control Covers, Tank Cover. Lagoon and Pond Liners.
Airvac - Aqseptence Group
Specializing in vacuum wastewater conveyance
systems. Airvac vacuum sewers are a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gravity and pressure sewer systems
providing low maintenance and reliability. 
Dutchland Wastewater Process
Dutchland provides completely turn-key wastewater process solutions, complete with precast post-tensioned tanks. 
Sulzer - Johnston Pumps
Vertical Turbine, ANSI, and split case pumps. Johnston Pumps offers highly efficient and robust equipment with a wide range of capacities for a wide range of applications. 
Sulzer - HST Turbo Blowers
Sulzer HST turbo compressors incorporate proven magnetic bearing technology
Esmil Group - Ekoton
Formerly Ekoton. Experienced manufacturer providing Multi-Disc Screw Press Dehydrators, Tube Air Diffusers, DAF-Units, Screening Systems, Belt Filter Presses, Chain Scraper for horizontal flow clarifiers, and Belt Thickeners.
Data Design - Tanks
Assman - Polyethylene & Plastic tanks
Belding Tank Tech. - FRP and SS Tanks
Composites USA - FRP Duct, Tanks, Stacks and FRP Pipe
RAM - Wagner Fluid Systems
SBR Process Systems, Extended Air
Systems, Denite Filters, Polymer Feed
Systems, DAF, SAF, Plate Clarifiers,
Oil Water Seperators & Pump Systems.

Apex Domes 
Custom designed & constructed of all-aluminum materials for liquid covers, dry bulk covers, retrofits, new and pressurized domes. Options include; skylights, wall extensions, ventilation, walkways, doors and dormers.

Tank Connection
RTP (rolled, tapered panel) bolted tanks for the water, wastewater and industrial sectors. Tank designs incorporates fusion powder coated technology that outperforms other tank coating systems with high durability.

Atara offers a wide variety of conveyor equipment including shaftless, screw, live bottom, vertical, drainage and silo systems.  Additional equipment includes screening press, screw feeders, vertical grit classifier and Washer Compactor.