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ABS Sulzer Pumps, Mixers, Turbo Compressors
Submersible Non-Clog Pumps, Turbo Compressors, Mixers, Aerators and Vertical Turbine Pumps. 
Chesapeake Environmental Equipment Featured Products
**Please note, not all equipment lines are represented in all locations.  Please call with any questions, we're happy to be of service!**
Biorem Odor Control
Specializing in Odor, VOC, and hazardous air  removal systems for treatment plants & pump stations. BioRem offers biofilter systems for permanent media, as well as the Biocube.
Dutchland Tanks
Dutchland offers precast post-tensioned concrete storage structures for water and wastewater applications. 
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Bioworks - AWT
Specializing in complete treatment systems including: Continuous Fill Batch Reactors (CBR), Advanced SBR Systems and Suspended Aeration Systems. 
Pump Station Bar Screens with vertical orientation capability, Multiple Rake Bar Screen, Drum Screens, Grit Classifiers, Washer Compactors, Spiral and Trash Screens. 
Glasco UV
Glasco UV systems are utilized in a variety of applications including disinfection, TOC reduction, Ozone destruction, liquid sugar, chlorine destruction and chloramine destruction.
Innovative microbiological dosing system placed strategically along the collection system to increase bacterial growth improving plant efficiency.
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Atara offers a wide variety of conveyor equipment including shaftless, screw, live bottom, vertical, drainage and silo systems.  Additional equipment includes screening press, screw feeders, vertical grit classifier and Washer Compactor 

FTC provides FRP water tanks that can be utilized for fire suppression, water, rain storage, etc.  Tanks are assembled with bolt & gasket kits. 
Mass Transfer Systems
Jet Aeration, Jet Mixing, Submersible Aeration, Floating Effluent Decanters, Radial Pod Aerators, Liquid Recirculation Pumps.
Standard Solar
Standard Solar is a leading solar developer with over 1,500 installations. Full service support includes: financial analysis, design, engineering, installation, financing, operation and maintenance. Ground, Parking or Roof Mount Systems are available. 
Wastewater Technologies 
Packaged Treatment Facilities including: MBR with plate/hollow fiber membranes, Biorotor™, BiorotorMBR™, BioDISC™ and Filtration Systems.  
WSI International
MBBR / BIO Chip Reactor Systems, Custom designed Belt Presses, DAF Units and temporary treatment systems.
Calgon Carbon - UV 
Specializing in the UV disinfection in water and waste water with 25+ years of experience.  Calgon's UV Systems are highly efficient and offerings include in-line & open channel systems.  
Clarifiers, Gravity Thickeners, Hercules ™ Drive Units, Flocuculators,Brush/Disc Rotor Oxidation Ditches, Algae Cleaning System, Grit Systems, Anaerobic & Aerobic Digester Covers, Draft Tube Mixers and Rotary Drum Thickeners 
Envirodyne Systems Inc. 
Specializing in Carbon Based Odor Control, Air and Water Filtration Systems. Very reliable and effective way of treating odorous compounds. Owner of Calgon Carbons Odor Control Division.  
Continental Carbon Group
Vent-O-Mat / RF Valves
Effective air release vacuum protection & surge alleviation for water & wastewater industries. Cutting edge air release valves outperforms competitors.  

Layne offers various treatment equipment for water & wastewater applications. Including: LayneOx 
Pressure Filters, Ion Exchange Systems, Arsenic Treatment Media and Air Stripper Systems for removal of radon and VOC’s
​Membrane Gas Holders (Industrial, Agricultural, Poultry, Food Processing), Clarifier Covers, Odor Control Covers and Floating Covers 

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Specializing in vacuum wastewater conveyance systems.